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Elementary School     

The mastery of Language Arts is essential for a child to succeed in school; therefore, much time is given to this subject. The ability to speak clearly, read well, and listen carefully implements the rest of the curriculum and serves to facilitate growth.

Elementary uses curriculum material by A Beka Book Publications and others. The textbooks and other material are thoroughly Christian in philosophy and approach.

In kindergarten through six grade, our students are in traditional classroom settings.  Each class has no more than 25 students in a class.  Our class average is usually 18-20 students.  During these developmental years, we endeavor to give our students a solid foundation in the '4Rs'; Reading, wRiting (language arts), aRithmetic (math), and Righteousness (Bible). 

Our reading and language arts curriculum, made up of reading, phonics, spelling, penmanship and grammar, is the cornerstone of a student's education at NCCS.  No other content area is more important.  A student's ability to listen, read, write and speak is vital to future success.

Our math curriculum is also foundational.  Students are not only taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide but to estimate, forecast and solve problems.  The teachers encourage the students to use their math skills in real life situations so math becomes a tool for life, not just head knowledge.

Bible stories and lessons are taught each day in our classes.  Memorization of the scripture is encouraged, rewarded, and practiced to help "hide God's word in their heart."

Our curriculum is balanced with grade level studies in science and history.  Special projects and reports in grades three through six help these subjects become a part of the student's daily lives.  Special classes such as music, art, computer, and physical education are not treated as "extras," but are a very important part of the educational program at NCCS.  They contribute significantly to the social and spiritual well being of our students.

We provide an extended care program for kindergarten through sixth grade.  Our goal is to provide a safe-haven for our students.  Students enjoy supervised recreation, homework assistance, games and access to the playground.

We know the Lord loves little children, and so do we.  We pray you and your child will see the Lord in each of us as we minister to you and your family.