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Fine Arts              

An understanding of the arts is a necessary prerequisite for learning to appreciate God as creator. NCCS students are given an opportunity to participate in a variety of artistic expressions. Art and music are regular elements of a well-balanced student’s development. God’s hand in creation and His written word to us, the Bible, demonstrate that beauty and creativity are precious in His sight. Students are encouraged to develop their talents through art and music classes, choir, band and private lessons. Performance opportunities are provided throughout the year. Middle/High school students are also offered classes in drama and yearbook design.



Preschool infuse art into their daily activities. Art classes begin in kindergarten and continue through 12th grade.


Middle School and High School students are given the opportunity to learn not only how to act but also how to direct a program. They have a variety of programs and they will catch your interest whether it's comedy, Shakespeare, or Murder Mysteries.


Music classes start with kindergarten and go through high school. 

The elementary starts with general music classes where they will learn the basics:

  • What makes music
  • How to read music
  • Who a variety of composers are
  • One semester they will be working on a musical production                                           which is performed for the parents at the end of the semester.

Middle School and High School students are able to be a part of an ensemble choir learning how to join their voices in harmony to make beautiful music. Once a semester they perform for family and friends.



Beginning band starts in the 5th grade where students learn the basics of playing a band instrument and how to care for their instrument.

In 6th grade they continue to develop their skills in reading music and band playing.

Secondary Band is offered for 7th-12th grade students. 
Advanced Band is for those students that have mastered the basics and are developing advanced skills. All bands performs twice a year, Christmas Program and Spring Program.
Students that do not have their own instruments are able to rent instruments.