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Secondary Art Department

In the Secondary Art Department we strive to bring the students fundamental knowledge of the subject through fun and challenging studio projects.  Each class is given a certain elemental focus yet, based on the class, the projects turn out as different as the students themselves.  We cover most mediums and within most forms. From two dimensional paintings and drawings, to relief and free-form sculptures, to site specific murals, our art department covers it all. Students will have readings and assignments for homework to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. The text we use is ArtTalk, a very comprehensive and informative textbook.  Each student is graded based upon their individual achievement and efforts not necessarily overall output. Along with the other subjects taught at North County, students will learn that when they create, they are living up to the image of a wonderful God.  Our heavenly Father, the creator of all things, like Him, made us with the ability to create.  North County Art classes strive to help students learn more about the abilities God has blessed them with.

Two students, Kayla Tinnin & Bill Kruse, were accepted as apprentices in the 2008 St. Louis ArtWorks Summer Youth Employment Program. Kayla worked in the Textile Design Field and Bill in the Graphic Design/Print Making Field. Congratulations to Kayla and Bill.

Tina Eaton (Graduated 2008) 1st Place in ACSI Art Show                                           Advance Art Class Mural