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Middle School

In the Middle School, students in grades 7 and 8 leave the teacher-directed environment of elementary school to enter an academic world where decision-making is more independent. Students assume greater responsibility for their education, as teachers, principals, and parents/guardians are there to support them as they accept the responsibility for their decisions. Classes are conducted in departmentalized fashion. Students move from class to class and have more than one teacher throughout the school day.

Daily Bible classes and weekly chapels provide opportunity for students to better understand God's purpose and design for their lives. Helping students establish a firm Biblical foundation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is our primary goal. 

The academic program becomes more specific. Science classes focus on Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences.  Social Studies examines the history of the United States and the World.  Expanding and enhancing skills in grammar, spelling, literature, and creative writing is the focal point of the language arts department. Our mathematics program offers a range of improvement levels from basic math skills through higher-level thinking and reasoning skills involved in Algebra 1.  Students have the opportunity of developing fine art and practical art skills in Band, Choir, Art, Keyboarding, Keyboarding Applications, and Study Skills. Physical development, teamwork, athletic skills and knowledge are the primary focus of Physical Education.


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