Becoming an International Student Host Family

Host families are a vital component of our International Student Program at NCCS. Our mission says we desire to “work in partnership with the family and the church to provide excellent education rooted in Biblical truths and to nurture students as they embrace a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, discover their God-given gifts, seek His plan for their life, and serve Him with their mind, body and spirit.” Our host families become the family partnering with NCCS on behalf of their international student.

Our international students are able to attend NCCS for multiple years and graduate with a high school diploma. In addition to earning their diploma, they receive a valuable cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to study English through full immersion in our culture. The family is the foundational social unit in our culture, and we believe living with an American family provides the international students with a much deeper learning experience.

Benefits of Hosting: 

Serving as a host family is a wonderful opportunity to minister to a student from another country, providing them with a safe and nurturing home environment during their time at NCCS. In addition to the opportunity to minister to the student, your family will learn first hand from your international student about the people and customs of his or her country. We hope you will further explore the opportunity to serve as a host family by reviewing the resources on the side of this page. If you have further questions, please contact our office and we will be happy to answer those questions for you.

Host Family FAQ s