Our Alumni

At NCCS, we are proud of the accomplishments of our NCCS graduates. Below, you can meet some of these alumni, hear their stories, and see what they have been doing since they graduated. 

If you are an Alumnus of NCCS and would like to be recognized,
please contact our Director of Development, Molly Farmer at m.farmer@nccsmo.org. 

Madison Kirk, Class of 2013

My NCCS adventures started in 2004 when I started the school year as a fourth grader. Between 2004 and my graduation in 2013 I made so many wonderful memories. My high school days at NCCS were some of the best days of my life. After so many years together, my class had bonded so well, we were practically a family. I enjoyed being very involved with NCCS; I was on student council, the track team, and I even worked there. 

Besides having a blast with my friends at NCCS, I also learned some really incredible things from my teachers. I remember them always saying, “You’re going to need this for college” and surely enough I did. After graduating in 2013, I attended Olivet Nazarene University as a Fashion Merchandising student. During my freshman year of college I used many of the tips my art teacher gave me throughout high school.

Now that I am in my sophomore year of college I have tried stepping out of my comfort zone. I spent the past semester studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan. I attended Tokyo Christian University for three months; it was a mind blowing experience! I learned more in Japan in three months than I ever could have imagined. Since TCU is an international school I really enjoyed meeting people not only from Japan, but also from Africa, Germany, India and China. This experience really opened my eyes to new types of fashion, and how to understand people with different cultural backgrounds. During the trip, the twelve other American students and I became really close friends; at times I felt like I was on another NCCS senior trip! Although my time in Tokyo was absolutely amazing, I am so excited to be back at home with the people who taught me everything I needed to know to succeed on a trip like this. 

Joshua Heter, Class of 2000

Joshua Heter has not been sitting idle since leaving the halls of NCCS. He has gone on to earn a BA in Philosophy from Biola University in 2005, an MA in Philosophy from Western Michigan University in 2007 and a PhD in Philosophy from St. Louis University in 2013. Joshua currently teaches at SIUE and St. Charles Community College. Periodically, universities host conferences on random subjects like philosophy. Joshua has had the honor of presenting his work at NYU, VA Tech, and the University of Leuven, in Belgium. While in Belgium, he took the opportunity of traveling by train to visit Paris for a few days. 

Logic is also an interest of Joshua. He is presently working on a logic textbook manuscript which he hopes to get published some day. Hobbies of Joshua include snowboarding and furniture restoration. He attends The Journey Church in Tower Grove, and spent last summer as a wilderness trip leader at Camp Forest Springs, a Christian camp in northern Wisconsin. Joshua is single and enjoys life as a college professor.