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6th Grade Participates in National History Day Competition

Have you heard of National History Day? Even though I've been teaching social studies for years and have studied history for longer than that, it wasn't until a few years ago that a colleague introduced me to the world of competitive history project-making! National History Day is a prestigious national competition that focuses on good research and creative presentations. I knew that I wanted my students to have an opportunity to benefit from the skills they could learn through preparing projects for National History Day, so I started requiring these projects each year since then. And the rest, as they say, is history! ;)

For the past few years, we have sent teams of students to compete in the individual exhibit category at the regional National History Day competition at Um-St Louis, and they have always made our school proud! And this year was no different! Since Thanksgiving break, my entire sixth grade class has been working hard to research and create one-of-a-kind exhibits on a topic of their choice having to do with the History Day theme "Triumph and Tragedy". They have planned, taken notes, found reliable sources, cited sources using MLA format, created an annotated bibliography, written a process paper, and put together wonderful exhibits.

On Saturday, February 23rd, NCCS sent ten sixth graders with their history exhibits to compete in National History Day at UMSL. Our team included Destiny Coleman, Khloe Harris, Anthony Holmes, Sandra John, Ashten McBride-Williams, Pamela McFowland, Jaborie Motley, Brandon Tyler, Blake Washington, and Mariah Williams. Joy Barsh, Joshua Lanzone, and Rochelle Isaac also earned a spot but were unable to compete that day. These ten students had to interview with 1-2 judges and defend what they learned and how they learned it. The individual exhibit category was then narrowed down to the top seven projects at the junior (6th-8th grade level). NCCS had TWO students in that top seven - Destiny Coleman and Blake Washington! Destiny had created a project entitled "March on Washington", and Blake created a project called "Warsaw Ghetto".

Those top seven were then narrowed down to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place - three students who would earn spots to compete at the state History Day competition at Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri. I am excited to announce that Destiny Coleman and her project won 3rd place and will be representing North County Christian School at Mizzou later this spring! I don't think I could have been any prouder!

As a teacher, there is nothing I love more than seeing my students get excited about learning and see how their efforts to explore can be rewarded! I am excited about all of the new skills each and every one of my 6th graders learned by doing these projects! I am excited that ten of my sixth graders gave their Saturday morning to talk social studies with grown-ups! I am excited that one of my kiddos has the opportunity to continue on and share what she knows with many more people! I am excited that my school once again showed that Saturday that NCCS and its students can keep up with students from anywhere!

Go, Destiny! Go, North County Christian School! 

Written by our 6th Grade Instructor, Becky Cornwell


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Busy Bees Celebrate Christmas with Happy Birthday Jesus Party!

During the month of December, our Bible Storytime was committed to learning about Jesus' birth. You'll see pics of some of the different artwork and other nativity activities (manger scenes, angels on our tree, etc) that helped the children use other senses to experience and explore what we were reading from the Bible. 

We learned that God sent Jesus as a baby to grow up in our world and that God had a very special plan for Jesus. (After break, we will learn more about that plan as we read stories of Jesus' life on earth). Our Preschool Christmas program was called "To Bethlehem" and the children spoke and sang the the Christmas Story. Our Happy Birthday Jesus Party was our culminating activity! 

We read a book titled "Happy Birthday Jesus!"; we shared a snack; we played a game; made a gift for Dad and Mom; exchanged a book gift; and made a sticker nativity scene. So much fun celebrating and remembering that Christmas is all about Jesus!!

Written by our Busy Bee Teacher, Tammie Emanuel