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Busy Bee's Celebrate Christmas with Happy Birthday Jesus Party!

During the month of December, our Bible Storytime was committed to learning about Jesus' birth. You'll see pics of some of the different artwork and other nativity activities (manger scenes, angels on our tree, etc) that helped the children use other senses to experience and explore what we were reading from the Bible. 

We learned that God sent Jesus as a baby to grow up in our world and that God had a very special plan for Jesus. (After break, we will learn more about that plan as we read stories of Jesus' life on earth). Our Preschool Christmas program was called "To Bethlehem" and the children spoke and sang the the Christmas Story. Our Happy Birthday Jesus Party was our culminating activity! 

We read a book titled "Happy Birthday Jesus!"; we shared a snack; we played a game; made a gift for Dad and Mom; exchanged a book gift; and made a sticker nativity scene. So much fun celebrating and remembering that Christmas is all about Jesus!!


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