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      Informational Campus Tour     

We would love for you to:

  • see our school in action 
  • meet our staff members
  • feel the warmth of our campus

                                        by scheduling a tour to learn more about NCCS.

We also have "Shadow Days" which are available for students 3rd-12th. Your student would 'shadow' (be placed) with an NCCS student of the same grade where they can spend the day or half a day, meeting students, teachers and feeling what it's like to be part of the NCCS family. 

To set up an Informational Tour or "Shadow Day" contact our Director of Admissions:


          Elementary Playground                       Educational Building A                           Fine Arts Building B

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                  HS Chemistry Lab                          Soccer Field                               Preschool Activity Area         


        Preschool Playground                   Elementary Reading Area                            Elementary


                  Art Classes                               Advanced History Class                                Band